Data Sources

The raw data of our review data sets are available at
Please cite the following publication for the data:
title = {{Who does what during a Code Review ? An extraction of an OSS Peer Review Repository}},
author = {Hamasaki, Kazuki and Kula, Raula Gaikovina and Yoshida, Norihiro and Erika, Camargo Cruz Ana and Fujiwara, Kenji and Iida, Hajimu},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the 10th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories},
pages = {49--52},
year = {2013},


An information in a review that RDA currently uses for visualizing are:
  • Owner: A member who create a review
  • Patch set: Set of modified files containing code changes
  • Review Status:
    • Open: The review has been created.
    • Merged: The review has been accepted and its current patch set is added to the project.
    • Abandoned: The review has been rejected.
  • Reviewer:
    • Code Reviewer: Members invited to review the patch set.
    • Verifier: Members that test patch set before they are approved for merging into the source code.
  • Comment
For more detail of Review Data, please find at our data paper: "Who does what during a Code Review? Datasets of OSS Peer Review Repositories"
Example of gerrit review